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About the company

BATE LOGISTIC company is doing international transport and logistics of goods throughout the European countries and Turkey. Since 2008, when the company was established, it has been working to improve the quality of its services, investing in modern vehicles that comply with the highest Europen standards and investing in systems for monitoring and safety of the goods being transported.

Today, BATE LOGISTIC owns seven trucks by the renowned producer DAF, five of which are models that comply with the Euro 5 standard, and two that comply with the Euro 6 standard. The company has all the necessary licences for doing international transport and a professional team of drivers, as well as a professional team of logistic, trained to deliver your goods to the targeted destination safely and on time, for the most competitive price.

The name BATE LOGISTIC, mentioned in the field of international transport / shipment of goods, is a synonym for fast and safe transport; a synonym for transport that follows the highest European standards, regardless of the fact what kind of goods are being transported - food that requires special conditions, like a refrigerated transport, or other specific goods. We exist so you can succeed in accomplishing your needs, even when things do not look simple!


Contact Information

St. Nikola Petrov 10, 1440 Negotino, Macedonia

+389 (0)43/608 350

+389 (0)43/608 351

+389 (0)72/276 001


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